Interview New IMS Designer: PEINADO STUDIO

Interview New IMS Designer: PEINADO STUDIO

We are delighted to welcome Peinado Studio to our IN MADE Spain community of emerging designers! Peinado Studio is a brand created by the talented emerging designer Daniel Bernal Peinado. Daniel is a young entrepreneur from Fuengirola (Málaga), hardworking and constant, who with his effort seeks to achieve his goals and grow within the creative world of fashion. We are excited that our beloved designer Miranda Portero had the opportunity to conduct this interview and discover more about Peinado Studio's work and the concepts behind its imaginary. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we do, and discover all the wonders of its pieces!


Who is Daniel Bernal Peinado behind Peinado Studio?

I could sum myself up in a creative and restless mind, as my mother says, always with ideas and executions in mind. But I'm also a hard-working young man from Fuengirola, constantly striving to achieve his goals and grow in a creative world.


Tell us more about Peinado Studio and its Codes. 

Today, it is still difficult for me to define what Peinado Studio is, but it is one of my goals for 2023 and I have to tell you about it. Peinado Studio is my creative space where I want to create my own imaginary. My limit is not only clothing, as you have already seen, I have now released accessories and I would like to keep growing, experimenting and even reach shoe making, which has always been my dream.

With Peinado Studio, I build my identity as a creative and the concepts that I like, which would be to turn casual into design. Giving a twist to the conventional, to what we know as everyday clothes, but conceiving them from design.

What are your biggest Artistic Influences when creating your designs?

I definitely rely a lot on old glories such as designers who have already passed away, who have left a historical legacy, and new generations. Today we live with a lot of new and fresh stimuli, mixed with everything old, and thanks to social networks, it is impossible not to have new references constantly, but without a doubt I stay with one of my favorite fashion illustrators, Antonio López, who has an imaginary very of the 70s / 80s, very fashionable, colorful and fun. On the other hand, what has made a lot of impression on me is the work and the vision of the body of Michaela Stark with her performances, her design pieces and photography. 

Pearl Bow Earrings 2.0


How is Entrepreneurship for you?

Entrepreneurship is not easy at all. The desire to retire to a house in the countryside with my goats and my vegetable garden is constantly in my head, but then as a young, dynamic and hard-working person I always have the now or never and keep trying engraved. Miley Cyrus' The Climb left a lot of trace, sometimes the climbs are very complicated, but the best will be the view when you reach the top.

Which fashion industry Stereotype do you think is true and which one is not?

It's quite diverse. Without a doubt that it is classist and elitist. However, being inside and knowing people, you can perfectly see that it is not a frivolous and cold world, there are many people inside who want to change things and who have an incredible soul and love for what they do, but it is obscured by the people with money who arrive, drop the money, and do everything immediately. But in the end, the greatest triumph is taken by the constant people who are always at the foot of the cannon.


IN MADE Spain's Mission is to Redefine the meaning of "made in Spain" and To Make Emerging Spanish Designers Visible. What is "made in Spain" for you nowadays? And what does it mean to be part of our Community?

IN MADE transmits me a welcoming and safe message, where you see how they support you and want to help you, in addition to seeing beyond the bubble of Madrid, which is very important. Sometimes it seems that the only emerging design is in Madrid, and there is much better work and well done outside the capital, which is not appreciated because we are not given visibility.

Being part of this community makes me feel safe and validated in what I do, wanting to keep growing and feeling supported. That is the greatest word: support, in addition to family and interest.


Miranda Portero @mirandaportero

Daniel Peinado @madredecabras

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