IN MADE Spain is a project where slow fashion, talent and creativity have no limits.

Formed by different entrepreneurs who fight and work honestly every day so that emerging design is closer to you.

All our pieces are designed and produced locally in Spain. We bet for small productions in stock, production on demand, and exclusive designs, in the most respectful and sustainable way for the planet and our community.

We feel and love our origins, our tradition, authenticity, transparency, time in each production process and the people behind it.

We also understand fashion as a form of expression. We are passionate about fashion of different styles and trends, emerging fashion and free of labels.

Thank you for supporting us and helping us to make it possible.

From Spain to the world.

Sincerely yours,

Emerging designers: About Ana Reina, Anhet, Banauma Studio, Blanca Olmos Studio, Greta Brand, Leandra, Le-Bobú, 710 Studio, Lu-Les, Myriam Moreno, Peinado Studio, Raquel Soto, Tré the Label.

IMS Team in full: Alex, Ana Herrera, Ana Reina, Andrea, Blanca, Daniel, Esme, Leles, Lucía Avellaneda, Lucía de la Iglesia, Mar Jaime, Mar Martínez, Margarita, Miranda, Miriam, Raquel and Sandra.

In Made Spain